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Friday, January 8, 2010

14 days after wilt.

Dear Jenny,

Hey.. it's me.Today is the day u've finally decided to completely let me go.
I've been cold to you, i've been uncaring, you felt u were slowly losing me. And that's what makes you decided to put me aside and move on.

I'm happy I am.. that my plan worked out.

I'm tearing.. painful.. but I'm happy for you.

'I love you and i will never forget you.' .. . same here.

Take care. Goodbye. . ..

Once yours.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

9 days after wilt

Dear Jenny,

Hey. How are u today? Hope your chest pain doesn't attack anymore. You know, I really despise the fact that you being so ignorant about your health. Please care more for yourself before anyone else.

I’m writing a letter to you here because these are some things that I wanna express and some words that I cannot tell. Words that I hide and swallow into this bitter heart that still beeps strongly for you.

6 days in Bangkok. It was fun, no doubt. It was painful, too, in fact. From the airplane to the hotel. In the shower, and my every meals. Whenever I’m alone, watching people hug, hearing songs that we once sung together and enjoyed it.. tears my heart.

Every single night I shout to the sky, wishing the clouds will send my messages to you. I often isolate myself from the crowd, because I want to dwell in loneliness, so that I’ll feel better and think about you. I was strolling on the beach, wishing that you were here, ‘cause we both know that this is my favorite thing to do with someone I love.

The countdown was rather boring…. * wait.. u call.* I finally realize how weak I m in controlling my tear ducts. Your voice is the one thing that makes me weak. ……….

Anyway, the countdown was boring without you. We’ve planned to spend new year eve together since the last one was superbly awesome. But things happened and I coincidentally had this trip to go. Squeezing through the crowd was tired without you helping me to clear the way, aerosols and sprays were everywhere and unavoidable without you as an armor. 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1.. ‘Happy new year Malaysia’, I shout. ‘happy new year Jenny’, I whispered. You kissed me on my forehead when the fireworks bloomed.. but this time my forehead is left empty with only cigarette smoke attached on it.

Unconsciously, when we talk, you still call me ‘dear’, something we used to call each other every single day. Then u realized it and apologized. I know it’s contradicting but sometimes I smiled when you accidentally call me that ‘cause it feels so so sooooo good! Indescribably good… then I tear when u say sorry. … stupid eh? Now u’ve replaced ‘dear’ with ‘girl’ in your texts. Don’t quite like it, but I’ll get used to it.

You’re leaving to Nilai today. Here we go again, I have to feel that heart-piercing distance that I’ve bared for months. It’s ok. Maybe your absence will help me kill my feelings towards you. *cross fingers*

We will definitely be so good friends, I promise, no matter what. We know each other more than anyone else. But one day I do hope you will have faith on the same God that I do.

I know that you would never come visit my blog ‘cause even facebook request you have not accepted mine. So I hope u don’t see what I write here at the same time hoping for the other way round. Contradictions!!!!!! Urghh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, take care and God bless.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Interact Club 14th Installation

Welcome you to experience this momentous day we had.:)

Before the event starts...


                                 Lala Seafield Interactors.

Let me introduce to you..

Our Emcee-Shaun Chien

Our oh-so-popular head prefect as well as
Performer of the day- Justin Wong Ping Sheng

Our Photographer who's done a great job-Tan Choong Hou.

Arrival of Senior Bods.

Our glamorous Ex-President-Leonara Lim

minutes before even started..
they helped each other to fix hair..

and tie.

 During the event..

Emcee gave us the introduction.

Our teacher adviser-Pn.Joyce Xavier
gave us a touchy speech.

Interactors responding to teacher's speech.

Our ex president gave a speech with a lot of laughters.

you see what i mean. :D

Our Current President-Diane Sim Ee Huei

and Tan Li Jian, our Club Service Director gave speeches too.

Then the Main Event takes place..

Our Assistant BOD members got installed.
Our BOD BOD members got installed too but sadly there is no picture taken.




 James Thien, our Asst. Treasurer.
We had an awesome Interact Party at his house.

Rushan kee, our secretary with many talents.

Chai Shing Yin(me), our Publicity Director with many talents too!

Jennis Chan, our I.U. Director.

The two BFFs,Xhee Kee(Funding Director) and Siew Man(Vice President)

On your right side is our S.A.A-Rayvin Nair

The senior Bods-Ken yoong, Razlan and John Tan.

The Ex and Current CHOIR members.
Guess what they were doing?
PROMOTING '2012' movie!

Jonathan Ho, our Asst. Community Director.
He looks cute and shy here but when he plays 'Chop Chili Chop Chili Chop Chop Chop' game, he's totally opposite.

My initiative Publicity assistant-Teh Jia Juin
Above him-Shauna Voon(Editor)

From left:Emily Chan(Treasurer), Diane Sim(Pres)

Interactors from 4A.
Including our beloved phototgrapher too.

Extraordinary nerds.

Now.. we present you a collection of pictures of
Our PresidentS.

They are a couple of Beauty and Brains.

Rushan doing her goofy moves as usual.

Guitar session...

Kaelan(Asst. Club Service Director)

John 007

John with his bond girl.

John with his Bond GirlS.

Our respected Seniors.
From Left: John,Azhar,Wei Mund,Ken Yoong, Razlan.

Our Emcee chilling on the floor in his Band Uniform.

The 2 Band Members.


Group Picture..

'Viva La Interact'
                   - Diane Sim.

P/s : Interact CLub will be the BomB!